TRC102 is a small molecule inhibitor of DNA repair intended to reverse resistance to chemotherapy, including the agents used in the treatment of lung cancer and glioblastoma. We have completed a  Phase 1 clinical trial of TRC102 in combination with Alimta®, and three ongoing Phase 1 clinical trials are evaluating TRC102 in combination with Temodar® and Fludara®. We expect a Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate the combination of TRC102 and Alimta® in patients with lung cancer, and additional Phase 2 clinical trials are planned in multiple solid tumor indications.

TRC102 Scientific Presentations

2016 ASCO TRC102 + Temodar Phase 1 Poster
2015 ASCO TRC102 + Temozolomide Phase 1 Poster
2015 AACR TRC102 + Temozolomide Phase 1 Poster
2014 ASH TRC102 + Fludarabine Phase 1 Poster
2012 AACR TRC102 + Temodar Phase 1b poster
2012 AACR TRC102 + Temodar Phase 1b PK data poster
2010 ASCO - Phase 1 slideshow
2010 ASCO - Phase 1 poster
2010 AACR– preclinical poster
2009 AACR– 3 preclinical posters

TRC102 Journal Publications

Gordon MS et al Investigational New Drugs 2012 (TRC102 Phase 1b)